Hoyle’s Farm Gate Honesty Shop

Hoyle’s Farm Gate Honesty Shop, Princes Road, Navestock Side, Brentwood, Essex, CM14 5SH is open from 8am-8pm 7 days a week.

The little shop cabin is an honesty shop off the farm gate. It works on the honesty principle as it’s unmanned. All produce prices are listed and you can just pop the money owed into the box. Please ensure you have the correct money.

The following produce can be purchased all year round…..

Hoyle’s Honey

Hoyle’s Honey specialises in 100% Pure Raw English Honey, straight from the hive to the jar. Produced only by their own bees, Hoyle’s Honey can be traced directly to the area the bees foraged for the nectar, providing a guarantee of its purity and provenance.

The home of Hoyle’s Honey is on Richard and Sarah Hoyle’s family farm in Navestock Side, Essex who have a huge respect and love for the countryside and nature, positioning their hives in the best possible sites for the bee’s to forage for pollen and nectar, but like everything with farming after harvest, you can’t “just make more” and that’s why every year is a unique vintage.

Hoyle’s Honey range

English Flower Honey ( Great Taste Award 1 Gold star 2015 ) A delicate mix of summer nectar sources producing a slightly more intense complex flavour. Delicious on yogurt, porridge or to sweeten anything special.

English Borage Flower Honey ( Great Taste Award 2 Gold stars 2015) For a short time each summer when the blue borage starflower crop is in bloom, Hoyle’s bees produce this very light in colour and mouth wateringly smooth honey. Delicious drizzled on yogurt, porridge or ice cream.

English set blossom honey ( Great Taste Award 2 Gold star 2016) A delicious mix of spring nectar sources producing a pure, natural, sweet and creamy honey. Perfect on buttered toast, crumpets and croissants.

English Lime Tree Honey ( Great Taste Award 1 Gold star 2015 / 2016) Using nectar collected from the small yellow flowers on the English lime tree this honey has a delicious sweet wooden flavour, rich in vitamins and antiseptic properties. A Hoyle’s family favourite. Perfect to sweeten anything special.

Hoyle’s Honey is also available for hampers and bespoke honey gifting for special and corporate occasions.

Please visit our dedicated website www.hoyleshoney.com